CleanAim™ RNG is one of the most carbon-negative sources of energy available today


The CleanAim™ RNG platform consists of several technologies that together deliver exceptional performance, producing sustainable, carbon-negative biofuels.

These technologies include a Manure Management system that capture and maximize manure utilization, tailored to each individual farm’s needs. Biogas is produced using Anaerobic lagoons, offering reliability and cost-effective operation.

The manure treatment system is based on anaerobic lagoons, offering reliability and an environmentally sustainable technology that stabilizes bio-waste such as manure, reduces odors, and eliminates pathogens.

The next stage involves RNG Production from the biogas. This stage includes removing CO2, moisture, and other impurities. Once RNG matches conventional natural gas in its methane and purity content, it is ready for transfer.

Technologies that deliver exceptional performance

Maximum manure capture and utilization

Manure treatment based on anaerobic lagoons

Biogas cleaned and upgraded using water scrubbing

Reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective operation

CleanAim™ RNG is an end-to-end solution for RNG production and logistics designed on cutting-edge innovation, safe technology, and integrates turnkey biomass collection from the supply chain all the way to distributing RNG throughout the US.